The Slumbering Tsar

Act 1- 1

The party members were sent message’s by the elected high burgess of Bard’s Gate, Cyrylia. She had called them to meet with her atop the northern gate of the city. Over looking the Stone heart valley below she offered them a proposition.

Her desire to open trade rounds to the North have proved impossible because of the unpredictable and deadly nature of an area about 100 miles north of Bards Gate know as The Desolation. She explained how the once great city of Tsar was was attacked by the army of light and a cataclysmic war took place in which the demons of the abyss battled the Army of light and a host of celestial beings.

As a result the surrounding area became a wasteland torn by powerful magic and evil. Host to countless numbers of monstrosities. Cyrylia has offered land and title to the party if they can tame the area and establish trade routes through it. She informed the pparty that a few weeks ago she had sent two emissaries named Sammar and Halcolm Gardrue to set up an embassy and trade route to represent Bard’s Gate in the camp. She now fears the worst thinking she has made a mistake by sending them

After introductions the party traveled 100 mile north through the Stoneheart valley and arrived at The Camp. Within minutes of arriving the silence of the makeshift city was broken by a crazed hill giant named Gurg. Gurg charged at the party and with one heft of his battleaxe killed Malicar instantly. The fight continued and eventually Gurg was defeated. In the interim Griswald the undertaker came to collect Malicar’s body only to be stopped by the local cleric named Father Death. Griswald backed off and Father Death was able to resurrect Malicar.

After the battle the adventurers collected themselves and paid a visit to the Bard’s Gate emissary Sammar. They were greeted by a handsome looking diplomat outside of a newly renovated shack that Sammar acquired for an embassy. Sammar informed the party that he had hired Gurg and his band of mercenaries to escort Halcolm Gardrue and a trade caravan through the Desolation. But now he fears the worst having seen Gurg return.

He has asked the party to check for the missing caravan in the Desolation.

After leaving the embassy the party went to the apothecary known as Mama Grim. She provided some healing for the party and warned them that the Desolation is very dangerous and to not believe the tales saying that the City of Tsar is uninhabited.

She also offered them a reward for the heads of her cousins who still live in the Tsar.

She said; “My cousins still call the ruined city home. They threw me out, they
did. It’s jealous of my beauty they were. By a blue well in the shadow
of a green wall they still dwell. We misses them, Dearies. Bring me
their heads and rewards will be yours.”

After their visit with Mama Grim the party went to to get rooms at the Bender Bros Inn. They were notified that gold was not an acceptable form of payment in the camp and they must visit the camp leader Usurer in order to exchange gold for steel bits. At a rate of 5gp to 1 steel bit. After some discussion the party instead decided that they might sleep in the Desolation instead.

After this they payed a visit to the Usurer in order to exchange some gold. They found he is also a very skilled blacksmith and can make just about anything out of steel.



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