The Slumbering Tsar

The Camp Act 1-3

After dinner the party found their way to their cramped but comfortable rooms taking the opportunity to grab some well earned shut eye. After about 3 hours Malicar woke from his slumber with intense abdominal pain holding back bouts of both vomiting and diarrhea. Not wanting to create a mess in his room he set out for the privy where after only a few minutes he was attacked by someone plunging a sword directly into his neck killing him instantly and silently.

It wasn’t long after that Dante’ fell victim to the same illness and fought to reach the privy in time. Upon opening the door he found Malicar dead on the floor in a pool of his own blood. He couldn’t hold back anymore and relieved the cramping in his stomach by using the privy. he looked around and found that the wall behind the pot was actually false and was some sort of an illusion. He quickly stuck his head through the illusion hoping to find the person responsible for killing Malicar. To his surprise he discovered a small cubby and one of the Bender Bros who he had only hours ago had dinner with was hiding in there. Jebli immediately lunged at Dante with his rapier and cut him but was unable to cripple him with the death blow he dealt Malicar.

Soon the entire inn had erupted into epic battle, the Bender brothers trying to kill the party. Magic and steel erupted into a bloody dance as the Bender Brothers were defeated and the inn became still and quiet once again.

It wasn’t long before the party heard a familiar squeaking sound coming from outside. The party went outside and looking around they could make out little in the pitch black. Then as the squeaking grows louder, they could see through the thin night mists the silhouette of a dark figure pushing a handcart. The wheels of the cart produce the squeaking sound. As it approaches directly toward you, you can see that the figure is swathed in a long, hooded robe of coarse, gray cloth. His face is not visible, though you can just make out the shape of a protruding lower jaw. The cart appears to be full of all sorts of mundane items and junk, certainly nothing that appears to be threatening. If you were in any other place in any other time, you would think this is a rather ordinary traveling peddler. The cart stops before you, and the dark figure begins rummaging through it saying only one word in a low, gravelly voice, “Buy?”


As he held up what looked to be a broken set of artificial teeth. The party agreed to make the purchase for 50 gp and in return the peddler gave them some advice:

“Sleep not in the city or to darkness awake. Not light to the eye but to the soul at stake.”

The party placed a closed sign on the outside of the the inn and soon returned to sleep trying to get some rest before morning. The rest of the night passed uneventful.

When morning had arrived a knock came to the door. It was Sammar. He inquired as to whether the party would search for the missing caravan on this day. While the party was explaining what had taken place the night before another knock came to the door. It was Usurer. he came inquiring about the closed sign on the inn. After the party had explained what had happened he said it was unfortunate but he would hod them accountable for maintaining and operating the inn. he explained that the camp needed a place for travelers to stay. Although the party was reluctant the Usurer insisted and struck a deal making them citizens of the camp and offering a 1:1 exchange rate for iron bits to gold.

The party agreed it was time to seek out the missing caravan and prepared themselves for their first foray into the Desolation. Upon leaving the camp they ran into a friendly half elf named Simon who warned them of the dangers of going out into the desolation. He also offered up some friendly advice:

“Don’t trust the mercenaries and guides you can hire in the Camp.
I think all of them harbor secrets and agendas that come before those
they have been hired to protect. Ironically, I think the giants were the
most trustworthy of the lot, though I fear we have probably seen the
last of them.”

“The evil fortress of Kirash Durgaut was ruled by the mighty
General Myrac. It is said that he survived the battle and refused to
join in the retreat, never accepting defeat. If so, his ghost may still
haunt the halls of his impregnable tower.”

“The Bloodmage rules the city with wizardry and terror.”

After their conversation with Simon it was time for the party to head out into the desolation. After a few hours of traveling on the main trail headed north Thom noticed a storm brewing in the boiling lands. It seemed like an odd storm to him and warned the party it was probably heading their way. The party at first decided to try and outrun it but then instead choose to try and ride it out in a tent.

When the rain arrived it came down heavy like sheets and smelled foul like sulphur. The party tried casting repair spells and resistance spells on the tent to make it hold up to the acidic rain but soon the tent was completely destroyed as well as all the leather, rope, cloth and canvas the party was carrying.

At the risk of being caught in the desolation at night the party returned to the camp naked and injured having the very clothes burned off them from the acidic rain.



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