Bard's Gate

Established many years ago as a bard’s outpost and way station for travelers between the inner Forest Kingdoms and the port city of Reme, Bard’s Gate has grown into an important crossroads for trade and travel. The city’s banner depicts a silver lyre above a stone gatehouse on a green field.

Bard’s Gate is currently an independent city, allied to the nearby Grand Duchy for mutual defense and prosperity. The Grand Duke’s troops help defend the city against the evil creatures from the Stoneheart Mountains to the north. A liberal and tolerant city, Bard’s Gate welcomes all races.

Bard’s Gate (Large City or Metropolis)

Conventional, Nonstandard and Magical; AL CG; 80,000 gp limit; Assets 10,000,000 gp;
Population 25,000; Integrated (human 39%, halfling 8%, elf 12%, dwarf 12%, gnome 5%, half-elf
20%, half-orc 3%, other 1%).
Authority Figures: Cylyria, NG female half-elf Brd10 (elected High Burgess), Imril, (Captain
of the Lyreguard); Jared Strann, (High Priest of Oghma); Duloth (head of the Wheelwright’s
Guild and the Black Market).
Important Characters: Bofred, (priest of Thyr); Barahil the Faithful, (priest of Muir); Lauriann
Danyr (head of Bard’s College); Andrigor, (diviner and member of the Fellowship of Note); Noria
Verilath etc. See NPC appendix for further details on important persons of Bard’s Gate.

Because of its strategic position on the only easily- bridged area on the Stoneheart River, the city developed quickly. In addition to being a way station and trade center, Bard’s Gate quickly became a meeting place for wandering bards, skalds and other performers.

To the south, the Stoneheart River becomes impassible due to a series of sheer falls. As a result of this, the central island of Bard’s Gate became an important port for barge traffic, from which goods were transported overland to Reme. Thus, the western side of the town developed first, with the central island used as a defensive and governmental center. With the rise of an imperial power to the south, merchants from the forest kingdoms began to avoid shipping goods by river and traveled overland along the merchant’s road to Bard’s Gate and on to Reme, bringing still more prosperity to the growing city. The guild system developed due to the high volume of trade passing through the city. To this day, Bard’s Gate — especially in its outlying districts — retains a rough and almost frontier feel.

Bard's Gate

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